Scorpios Logo


In this club, the players come first.


  •  Love of game for players.
  • Positive experience for players.
  • Love of club for players, parents and coaches.
  • To develop players for the highest level of play they are capable of.
  • Technically sound players through systematic development.
  • Possession soccer coupled with combination play and organized defending.
  • Appropriate challenging of players to maximize development and teach hard work.
  • Mentally tough players.
  • Passionate and dedicated coaches.
  • Health and safety for players.
  • Excellent administration.
  • Be creative and innovative in the development of our club.
  • Be a leader in the soccer community.
  • Longer term goal of owning a soccer facility. 

Principles and values

  • Treat teammates, opponents and referees with respect.
  • Decisions guided by integrity.
  • Questions answered with honesty. 


"Focus on the kids and you can’t go wrong.’’  Shawn Andrew

FC Boston Scorpions is a leading girls soccer club in Massachusetts.